About our Founder

Welcome to the Manifestation Academy

My name is Yolande Ngom

My spiritual awakening started one morning in February 2012. I was sitting on my front porch holding my head and thinking how miserable and painful my entire life was, and how I just wanted to disappear from this earth. 

Suddenly I received a text message from a friend with a quote from Daisuku Ikeda . The quote reads : “No matter how long a stone will stay under the water it still can create light. “ 

It sounded so peaceful that it awakened within me a thirst to learn more about this great writer. 

I had spent 36 years of my life being abused as a child and later in an abusive marriage. 

The only feelings I knew were hurt and pain. I lived to please people hoping in vain to receive love in return. Because of the lack of love since childhood I thought that to gain love from people I needed to give everything I had ! I gave my heart, my soul, money and gifts and my reward was to be mistreated , disrespected and humiliated.  

In November 2012, I landed up in a very bad accident and that is when the real spiritual shift began. From within my soul I felt the adrenaline of a higher power, one that gave me a big and much needed slap on the face. 


Everything changed from that day on - my way of thinking and my way of living. I became a total  recluse spending hours closed in a room meditating and chanting Mantras . My primary focus was on raising my daughter and getting therapy for my permanent chronic pain. 

My marriage didn’t survive my transformation as I would no longer accept any degree of abuse from anybody I became a single parent, I was broke and I was far away from my Family . Indeed the hardest task was not to get discouraged and to find a way to take care of my daughter and provide her with everything she needed.  

To make ends meet I started trading the small amount of money I had in the stock market and then a few months later in the lobby of my apartment building I met a beautiful and bright young woman . We started chatting and she mentioned that I should watch a movie called ‘The Secret’ and that I should also read the book . What an amazing discovery it was !


My first task in the morning was to start my  vision board and write down all my positive affirmations and from that day on I have read my  positive affirmations daily followed by 20 minutes of meditation. 

That simple task helped me to change my thoughts and shift the energy around me . Traveling is one of my passions so I had all the countries I wanted to visit in my vision board and being a single parent , financial freedom was naturally included as well.  From my past disappointing experiences with love I decided to describe in writing the type of partner I would like to share my life with and leave it to the universe to perform.


I am proud to say that today I have so far visited more than 20 countries mentioned in my vision board and beyond that I became highly successful in my investments with a 7 figure Brokerage account.Above all I met the perfect love and partner to share my life with. I manifest everything that I had ever dreamed off since my childhood . I manifested my dream life.


My mission is to help people use this powerful source of energy we all have surrounding us to live the dream life they deserve. If you hit a crossroad in your life and are wondering what lies ahead, , you just enter and push the door open then widen every portal for everything you ever wanted in this lifetime. Let's start together with this adventure. 

You have encountered countless coaches talking to you about manifesting Money ! in this Academy we will give you the secrets of Manifesting Wealth .There is a big difference . You can manifest money everyday of your life and still feel hopeless. Manifesting wealth is the better path. Wealth is having true abundance ,emotional stability, abundance in your relationship, abundance of joy and being sufficiently financially abundant that you can give to others 

Wealth is also having full acceptance of who you are.

I’m the first witness to what manifestation and using the universal powers to transform someone’s life can create . I believe you can have everything and anything you ever wanted and desired because this is what I believed myself.

The first question I ask people I mentor is: “What were you dreaming about when you were a child ?”

Thank you for both having the courage to start your spiritual awakening and being ready to break down those core limitations which were holding you back. Today is the day you start your new life with confidence for a future full of abundance .