How washing your hands helps you being clean and Manifest the best things in life

The entire planet is facing a challenge these days but there is nothing we are not able to face together and win.

Water is a complex and intelligent molecule.

It has the capacity to absorb the energy around you. 

In French we say #sans eaux il n ya pas de vie#.

That means without water there is no life.

One way to keep your self sanitize and clean not only physically but spiritually , It is to wash your hands often.

I also add my secret Mantra :

May this water clean my body and spirit with every impurities.

This is one reason the Ancient one in Africa wash their hands and recite Mantras at the same time.

How do I use water to manifest ?

Usually during the full moon or the new moon, I will get half glass of water and a piece of paper where I will write down all the things my Goals .

I fold the paper 7 times and put it under the glass of water.

It sounds crazy but believe me it works each time.

Sending everyone lots of love and blessings. Follow me @themanifestationacademy on Instagram.

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