No one should stay home quarantine hungry

During this universal pandemic, Yolande and Mass Bidew decided to create this fund to assist countless families in Senegal and other African Countries affected by the Covid_19.

No one should stay home hungry. 

With the Funds we will raise together we will be able to open our first Food Bank.

As we know many of them can’t afford to stay at home as they live and work daily to make as little as 10$ to feed their families. 

We will be planning to open the first food Bank in Senegal and distribute food vouchers from the local supermarket.

65$ can help us feed a family and quarantine for a month and help stop the spread of the virus.

Please  donate money or non perishable goods that we can distribute to assist these families during the quarantine. 

We send you love and light and we all keep our mind positive . #bettertogether we will defeat this . 

Thank you 


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